Gormley says his posters ‘defaced’ all over the constituency by Luke’s Supporters

Speaking on the Pat Kenny show today and responding to a question from Joe Guilfoyle Campaign Chairman, Deputy Gormley said his election posters had been ‘defaced’ all over the constituency by Luke’s supporters.

Has anyone seen these defaced posters?  I have seen a few with rude words and/or a moustache added?  Why does he think Luke’s supporters did this?

I have seen others with a small sticker saying ‘I voted to close St luke’s’ which is the truth – surely he wasn’t defining that as ‘defacing.’  I understood the Greens were in favour of freedom of information – maybe this is not the case?

He said he voted to close St Luke’s because Dr Tom Keane advised him to and you had to take the best medical advice.  Joe pointed out that he hadn’t consulted patients who are also experts.

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