PRESS RELEASE 01.03.2011

Retention of St Luke’s in programme for Government?

The Save St Luke’s Campaign ( has called on the FG and Labour negotiating teams to include the retention of St Luke’s Cancer Hospital, Rathgar in the programme for government.

Campaign Chairman and Luke’s patient, Joe Guilfoyle, said, ‘both parties are in agreement on this. It would give such a lift to cancer patients and their families if this were included in the programme.’

‘Ten days ago, at a public meeting for Dublin South East election candidates, Lucinda Creighton said ‘my party is committed to retaining St Luke’s’, and we have a letter from Eamon Gilmore stating ‘the retention of St Luke’s Hospital is Labour Party policy. Deputy Gilmore’s letter is included in our Campaign book ‘Cancer in a Cold Climate: the Shafting of St Luke’s Hospital.’

‘Fortunately, since ex Minister Harney handed St Luke’s over to the HSE last August, there hasn’t been much damage done, so the new government can save St Luke’s if it acts now.’

Two out of the four Dublin South East seats, went to cancer survivors. Ruairi Quinn, is a former Luke’s patient, and running mate Kevin Humphries won a ten year battle with testicular cancer.


Contacts: Joe Guilfoyle 087 7937201
Enid O’Dowd 087 2319056

  • RTÉ Podcast The Pat Kenny Show on RTE1 Radio July 12th 2010 live from the grounds of St Luke’s.
  • The Echo Tallaght “Patient Joins Fight to Save Cancer Hospital”.  An article about Collette Morrison (p.18)
Collette Morrison

Patient Joins Fight to Save Cancer Hospital (Click to Enlarge)

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