Our government, bereft of inspiration and floundering with a dysfunctional health service, have decided that this 50-year-old unique and irreplaceable gem of a facility should be closed; stripped of its assests and absorbed into the HSE monster…

Ciaran Corry
Letterkenny Co. Donegal

To help patients make a good recovery from cancer and to help patients cope with a terminal diagnosis you need more than just medical intervention…

Colette Connolly
Laragh Co. Wicklow

Luke’s gave us another year with our lovely mother

Fiona Doyle
Co. Wexford

Listen to the voices of those who know…

Fergal O’Neill
Naas, Co. Kildare

How could any minister with any heart at all deny cancer patients the care and personal attention you get in Luke’s..?

Willie Moran
Co. Leitrim

At seventeen, I had only ever seen seriously sick people on TV…

Clifford T. Reid
Co. Kildare

A true gem in today’s crazy healthcare system

Mary Reynolds

The lovely grounds…are a type of therapy on their own and won’t be available at St James’s or at Beaumont. Both concrete jungles!

John Carroll
Co. Louth

St Luke’s is special in so many ways

Brendan Kennedy
Co. Offaly

A loss of serenity

Abina Valentine
Co. Kildare

I was struck by the amount of white feathers on the grass. I was always told that these were a sign of angels…in my estimation, those feathers symbolised the presence of angels both inside and outside the hosptial, alive and passed on.

Martina & David Doyle
Dublin 5

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