Funds raised for Luke’s Rathgar may go to other cancer centres!

Below an extract from a flier produced by the Friends of St Luke’s advertising the annual Paddy Cole concert:

‘This great hospital is now part of the St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network, incorporating also the new ‘state of the art’ centres at St James and Beaumont Hospitals. While continuing to support St Luke’s Hospital, the Friends of St Luke’s will also be raising funds for the other centres, in order to meet the needs of all patients who attend the Network.’

Now why do these new ‘state of the art’ centres need funds?

Can people who raise money for St Lukes, Rathgar insist that their money is ring fenced for it and not the ‘bunkers’ at the other centres?

Is this a way of the HSE using the goodwill towards St Luke’s Rathgar to get money to help the basic running costs (salaries, heat etc) of the two new centres?

We don’t know the answers to these questions but we hope to find out.

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